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Support Pesonnel

Does everyone who collects a pay check in health care really understand the mission and their individual role?  Rhetorical.  It seems that over the recent decades the health care system has been more about the industry itself and less about what it was designed to do.  A lot of self-serving interests.

An organization begins to die the day it begins to run for the benefit of insiders and not the benefit of the outsiders.”  -Peter Drucker

Just in case anyone has forgotten.  The mission is to deliver health care to patients.  Financial success is important to sustain this mission but the bottom line must be secondary.  Competing with the health care system across town is important but if you focus on the mission you will win the competition.

The engine of health care is the interaction between patients and their physicians.  The physicians guide and drive the care.  And the best health care occurs where the best doctors practice.  All others in a health care organization are support personnel.  If you have never been face to face with a person asking for help for a potentially life-threatening illness then your job is to support the person who does that job.  If you have never been in an operating room attempting to correct a life-threatening problem then your job is to support the person who does that job.

This is not about elitism.  This is more about reality, good business principles and how to create a successful health care organization.  Everyone in a health care system presumably was hired to do a job that was important to patient care.  Every employee, from hospital CEO to parking lot attendant, needs to simply realize why patients walk in the door and who they walk in to see.