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As one looks for reasons as to why the health care system is so dysfunctional no one is without at least some degree of blame.   HCR believes that beginning of the end was accelerated at Harvard in 1985 when William Hsiao and colleagues contrived the resource based value unit or RVU.  At that moment the health care system was handed over to corporate interests, strategies and tactics.  At that moment there was a metric to manage.  However this metric had nothing to do with health care quality.  Nothing.  At that moment people who know nothing about providing care to human beings were handed the keys.  The goal was to control cost.  Instead the greed of corporate interests saw the cash cow and simply drove output.  Physicians were coerced to see more patients and work faster to maintain what they felt was fair compensation for their services. Physicians became little hamsters on the wheel and the patient-doctor relationship began its death spiral.  EPIC FAIL!!!!

And the beat goes on.  Health care is currently managed by administrators and insurance executives who thoroughly enjoy data.  Of course they do.  They have never been in an exam room with a patient.  They have never read, nor would they understand, a medical journal.  We are on a path that could make it worse instead of better.  We are focusing on Big Data instead of Big People and Big Culture.

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

– Albert Einstein

Just ask yourself this question.  If an electronic medical record or big data can cut the cost of health care (and they certainly may) will that savings be passed along to the patient/consumer  Probably not.  The same business motivations that managed the RVU debacle will simply siphon the savings off to their pockets.  It’s what they are trained to do – make money.

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